Monday, October 9, 2017

Min | A smarter, faster web browser

It is fun to see experimentation in new web browsers and what they include by default. Brave for example chooses to block trackers and ads by default. I like the idea of dimming tabs not in use (although I practice good tab hygiene). This browser also deals with low bandwidth situations directly. In some ways this reminds me of a modern day lynx browser, which I’m shocked to see is still in development.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Azeem Azhar: The Exponential View

This newsletter from Azeem Azhar is a real treat every week. This is one that I usually save and sit down with a good bit of time and my iPad to learn all sorts of new things. Subscribing recommended! 👍🏻

Silicon Valley | Asymco

Wait, what? Currently Apple ships more microprocessors than Intel. I guess that makes sense when you consider all the iPhones walking the world but still that statement is striking. Nobody things of Apple as a semiconductor company. 🤔

Workflow to Collect All Links

This is a great example of the power of Workflow. I have a number of workflows like this and they are surprisingly easy to do on iOS, and really not easy to do on any other platform. I have several workflows that increase my efficiency significantly. I find inspiration in seeing what other people do with this powerful tool.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Overland GPS Tracking App for iPhone

Aaron Parecki released the iOS app that he uses to record his location and use on his website. If you love location tracking but what to own your data this is a cool option. This is only the client though, you have to have a server to send the events to. It would be perfectly paired with a cloud-based serverless API to receive these events, record them and serve them up to other services. Someone want to make that?

Friday, October 6, 2017

Understanding the Equifax Data Breach | Anna Slomovic| Managing Personal Data

Enlightening post from the former Chief Privacy Officer of Equifax, Anna Slomovic, on the Equifax data breach.

Equifax’s sputtering response did not surprise me, and neither did the reactions in the press, the Congress, or the consumer protection agencies. Unfortunately, most of the proposed solutions do not address the fundamental issue: to credit reporting agencies, consumers are not a product, they are a cost. To understand this, you need to know something about credit reporting.

How many places hold your data and do not think of you as their customer? This is why we need regulation and laws for this data.

What men and women think about their partners’ careers and help at home

This is worth reading just for the graphs.

Though it is unclear whether men or women are more accurate, many people are obviously ignorant about the reality of their partners’ lives. And even if men are open to doing more at home so their wives can do more at work, the necessity may not occur to them. Gender equality could be boosted by some frank kitchen-table conversations.

Google Pixel 2 vs iPhone 8: Which camera is better?

Looking at these test shots the iPhone 8 one looks better to me in every case. Will be curious to see more of these. The race for best phone camera is driving an incredible amount of innovation. 📷

My Incredibly Simple Guide To Stoicism — Learn Wisdom You Can Practically Use

If you are curious to learn more about Stoicism this is a good, simple primer.

Stoicism is more a meditative practice that allows us to take the negative feelings we experience, and turn them into thoughts that give us peacefulness and perspective on life.

I’m intrigued by stoicism and I’m also surprised at how many people I’ve talked to recently that are also reading about it. I think there is something here that is a counter-balance to the intensity of social media that we’ve surrounded ourselves with.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Blockchain: The New Technology of Trust

Three things amazing about this link. First, Goldman Sachs putting public facing messaging around blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Two, insightful content that is very approachable. And third, it’s a very cool web experience.

The First Hour: Creating Powerful Mornings : zen habits

I do a terrible job at having a deliberate beginning to my day. Before I get up I’m caught up on email and have usually also checked in on RSS feeds and such. I find a lot of the thinking on how to structure a morning routine interesting, but I haven’t successfully adopted it yet. I think it’s important to answer “for what goal?” in this process.

Wikipedia graph mining: dynamic structure of collective memory

In general I find the research that people can do on Wikipedia to be amazing and this article is no exception. This is worth looking at just for the great graphs.

We have managed to detect dynamical patterns in terms of events and collective memories in Wikipedia using the combination of the hyperlinks graph and the visitor activity on the website.

There is a lot of focus on using machine learning and algorithms to filter news for events and those algorithms have been easily tricked and manipulated. I wonder if something closer to what researches have been doing with Wikipedia data may be a better solution to that problem.

Reasons Kubernetes is cool — Julia Evans

Nice, simple writeup on some of the highlights that make Kubernetes a compelling platform. This was helpful for me to help see the differences between Kubernetes and some of the other platforms like Mesos.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Physicists find we’re not living in a computer simulation | Cosmos

Whew — we now have pretty good proof that we are not living inside of a giant simulation inside some computer.

If the complexity grew linearly with the number of particles being simulated, then doubling the number of partices would mean doubling the computing power required. If, however, the complexity grows on an exponential scale – where the amount of computing power has to double every time a single particle is added – then the task quickly becomes impossible.

We are not in the Matrix

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