Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Against Facebook

This is a powerful and comprehensive essay targeted at Facebook, but applies to all social media. The description given below is a great definition of the addictive software patterns I’ve written about.

These gadgets are designed to create a “supernormal stimulus,” that is, a stimulus that produces a stronger than natural response. We can even internalize the supernormal stimulus—an example is the “phantom vibrate” we sometimes feel in our pocket when no vibration occurs. In the case of social media, the supernormal stimulus is used to exploit our response to novelty in order to elicit a behavior that works in the interests of the social media provider.

I found this characterization of sharing jarring, and insightful.

Over time, these platforms transform us all into unpaid advertising agencies. We promote goods, services, lifestyles and desires to our friends, weaponizing images to generate feelings of jealousy and FOMO amongst our peers during those idle moments when they feel most bored.

This might be one of the most succinct characterizations of the end-state of social media platforms.

As a result, we end up building relationships to the platform — not to each other.

This is a long but well written thought piece on social platforms, and a very complete index of reasons to disengage from Facebook.

Apple, Influence, and Ive

In depth interview with Jony Ive and the creation story of the Apple Watch. The beginning of the article is gushing description of Apple Park as well. Hodinkee is a publishing for watch aficionados, which most are probably also design aficionados. Ive comes across as a very straightforward and uncomplicated person.

iOS 11.4 to Disable USB Port After 7 Days: What It Means for Mobile Forensics | ElcomSoft blog

This seems like a way to keep an entire array of security vectors away from iOS devices:

The functionality of USB Restricted Mode is actually very simple. Once the iPhone or iPad is updated to the latest version of iOS supporting the feature, the device will disable the USB data connection over the Lightning port one week after the device has been last unlocked.

Big win for securing and protecting your data. 👏

I Committed To An Email-Free Morning For 5 Days, Here’s What I Learned

This is exactly me. 🤦‍♂️

Full disclosure: I don’t do morning routines. The only thing I do every day is groggily roll over in bed when my alarm goes off and check my email. According to everything I’ve ever read on the subject, it’s just about the worst thing you can do for your productivity–and I was starting to feel like those articles were right.

I’ve done that for 15 years or longer. I’ve done that for as long as I can remember waking up. And like the author, I know that isn’t a good thing. Good read to encourage considering a change of habit.🤔

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Reaching Peak Meeting Efficiency – Learning By Shipping

This is a near treatise on the topic of meetings. I like the enumerations of issues with meetings, types of meetings, types of meeting dysfunctions. I also like the enumeration of successful meetings: Shared goals, Agreed schedule, Consistent participation, and Predictable processes.

Retrobatch Public Beta

New software from the maker of Acorn. If you deal with a good amount of image manipulation this looks like a very powerful way to build workflows to make those processes much easier.

Introducing Watchtower 2.0: The turret becomes a castle - AgileBits Blog

The ability to proactively notify you of compromised accounts and unacceptable security risks is a wonderful side benefit of 1Password moving into the cloud. Watchtower is one of my favorite features of 1Password now. It helps me manage my risk and increase my families security. My ask? I want Watchtower to allow me as an admin to run reports on everyone in my families accounts.

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When Your Employees Post Passwords Online — Krebs on Security

Services that offer both private and public functions can easily leak private information out.

KrebsOnSecurity spent the past week using Google to discover unprotected personal Trello boards that listed employer passwords and other sensitive data.

The Uber example is not rare. A solution to this is to write small jobs to insure compliance with your security and governance processes.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Amazon launches kid-focused Prime Book Box subscription

New subscription service from Amazon.

After signing up for the service, you’ll create a profile for your child to ensure they get the books best suited for them. Books you’re offered are based on your kid’s age, and all of the titles are handpicked by Amazon Books editors.

Once Amazon knows your kids and their ages (plus whatever other data) they can also market you with all sorts of other parent purchases.

Anatomy of a Program in Memory | Many But Finite

These days we tend to spend most of our computer time far away from the hardware. I find it fun to dive into the occasional article that goes into detail on how the computer in your lap or in your hand works at a very low level. 🎓

Monday, April 30, 2018

Unlearning toxic behaviors in a code review culture

Nicely put together list of Do’s and Don’ts for conducting code reviews in a way that helps and improves your culture. This is a topic more should be written about. Reviewing someone else’s work without regard has a lot of downside potential.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Incident Management at Netflix Velocity [video]

I like the stated goals of incident management: Short, Unique, and Never Forget. I’ve seen many incident management processes and I don’t know that many of them state their goals up front. They are often assumed. They also enumerate the strategies for those goals: Engagement, Communication, Coordination, and Memorialization. I like the clarity of goal versus strategy. Often times communication is stated as a goal, not a strategy, of incident management. 👍

The Numbers Behind WeWork’s Growing Empire - Bloomberg

This doesn’t read like a healthy company. CEO Adam Neumann has 65% of the voting shares, and in the last two years has paid $9.8 million in leases to properties owned by officers and affiliates of the company, with $90 million in future lease payments. Meanwhile the companies costs are rising faster than revenue. 220,000 members with 251,000 desks? I would think they would have more subscribers than desks.

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