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Rethinking how we interview in Microsoft’s Developer Division 🔒 blog.usejournal.com

I find it very interesting to hear how tech companies are evolving their hiring practices. There is still too much gut” instinct in hiring. At SPS we have adopted some of these practices as well as we’ve improved the process. I like that this highlighted some of the complications of these more sophisticated processes as well.

⏎ January 3, 2019

Another iPad Pro Review 🔒 www.macdrifter.com

Solid review of the new iPad Pro after using it for a prolonged period. I totally agree with the sentiments, as well as not replacing your laptop with an iPad Pro. There are a number of things that I do on my iPad that I cannot do on my MacBook, and an equal number that are the other way around too. Notable app highlights in this writeup as well.

⏎ January 3, 2019

I Was A Cable Guy. I Saw The Worst Of America. | HuffPost 🔒 www.huffingtonpost.com

This is a good read. I don’t think I’d want to be a cable guy”.

⏎ January 2, 2019

Little Stones for 2019 🔒 www.macdrifter.com

I think I could have nearly the exact same set of goals.

⏎ January 2, 2019

ongoing by Tim Bray · SF-5: Serverless Bills? 🔒 www.tbray.org

More thoughts on Serverless architectures, this time on costs. Bray’s point is valid, the solution may have as much, if not more, impact on cost than the deployment model.

⏎ January 2, 2019

Vaping Giant Juul Explains Everything Wrong With Our World 🔒 theintercept.com

This is a shocking valuation in such a short period of time.

The deal values Juul at $38 billion, a similar market capitalization to that of Target, MetLife, Delta Air Lines, and Ford. Fifteen hundred Juul employees split a $2 billion dividend as a result, becoming instant millionaires overnight.

All being built by addicting people, mostly kids, to nicotine and encouraging them to do something that is bad for them. Maybe Facebook should have bought Juul?

⏎ January 2, 2019

Tying Allowance to Chores Could Kill Kids’ Motivation to Help Out - The Atlantic 🔒 www.theatlantic.com

Interesting background data on how chores and allowances encourage behaviors.

He advises that allowance be used as a means of showing children how to save, give, and spend on things they care about. Kids should do chores, he writes, for the same reason we do—because the chores need to be done, and not with the expectation of compensation … Allowance ought to stand on its own, not as a wage but as a teaching tool.”

In our family the kids get an allowance just on schedule, it’s not tied to chores. Chores are things you do because your part of the family and we all chip in.

⏎ January 2, 2019

Gravitee.io API Platform 🔒 gravitee.io

Open source API management solution.

⏎ January 1, 2019

A tour of elementary OS, perhaps the Linux world’s best hope for the mainstream | Ars Technica 🔒 arstechnica.com

Are we still talking about Linux on the desktop? 👀

⏎ December 31, 2018

Barack Obama’s Favorite Books of 2018 🔒 kottke.org

Can we start a campaign to get President Obama off of Facebook and share information like this without requiring people to submit to surveillance to get his posts? Plus, like some of the book (and other) recommendations here.

⏎ December 31, 2018

Join Analog Social Media - Study Hacks - Cal Newport 🔒 calnewport.com

Two things on this.

  1. My book club read Bowling Alone which covers the value of clubs, and sadly the decline of many of them in America. This is a good book to go along with Newport’s thesis here.

  2. While I’m talking about my book club, that is a analog social media” activity that I value and treasure.


⏎ December 31, 2018

Facebook’s Clear History privacy feature is still months from launching - Recode 🔒 www.recode.net

Why would anyone believe that Facebook is actually serious about this? The only motivation for them is fear. I wouldn’t recommend trusting a company to do something that goes against their profit motive. Why was Google Chrome the last browser to support Do Not Track? It doesn’t help them. Why do they still not support privacy enhancing features with cookies? Same reason. Why would Facebook ever limit its data on you? This is akin to asking cigarette companies to also give you advice on lung health.

⏎ December 31, 2018

Leah Cunningham 🔒 www.cunningleah.com

My friend Leah Cunningham left the social web and is now on the IndieWeb. I recommend subscribing to her site with your favorite feed reader.

⏎ December 31, 2018

Release fish 3.0.0 (released December 28, 2018) · fish-shell/fish-shell 🔒 github.com

I’ve been using fish shell for a while now and it feels modern and nice. It reminds me how zsh felt many, many years ago. These improvements in 3.0 are very good! 👍

⏎ December 31, 2018

Trillion Dollar Coach - Eric Schmidt - Hardcover 🔒 www.harpercollins.com

Will be looking forward to reading this book. Via @SamPierson.

⏎ December 28, 2018

The Hidden Struggle to Save the Coffee Industry From Disaster 🔒 medium.com

It turns out coffee is a giant monoculture, susceptible to many bad things. 😳

⏎ December 27, 2018

The Yoda of Silicon Valley - The New York Times 🔒 www.nytimes.com

I love that Knuth got such an expansive writeup in the New York Times. He’s a pioneer and someone that all of us in the computing field should admire. I have the first three volumes of The Art of Computer Programming. I’ll admit I’ve not read them, but I love that it is titled Art, as that is what programmers should strive to create. Link from my friend Michael Rock.

⏎ December 27, 2018

From the Hyperlink to the Stream: Hossein Derakshan’s Critique of the Internet in the Age of Social Media - Study Hacks - Cal Newport 🔒 calnewport.com

I really like this metaphor and insight. I went back and read the original post that Newport is highlighting as well. The web” versus stream” thought deserves further consideration. Organic webs of links feel very much like our brain, very human, even organic. A stream of stuff is very robotic, very mechanical, not human.

⏎ December 27, 2018

How to Write a Novel With Ulysses, Part  I: Organization and the Writing Process | Ulysses Blog 🔒 ulysses.app

Interesting insight into how Gemmel organizes his books in Ulysses. Independent of the writing part, just technically authoring and structuring a book must be difficult. This is an interesting model. I have thoughts of someday writing a book, will file this away for reference later.

⏎ December 27, 2018

TED Talk on Getting Things Done for Teens - Getting Things Done® 🔒 gettingthingsdone.com

This talk doesn’t actually identify itself as GTD for Teens, but it is given by one of the authors of the book. As a Twin Cities resident I was also surprised that I had no idea there was a TEDxEdina event just a few miles from my house. I also didn’t know that Mark Wallace, one of the GTD for Teens authors and a speaker at this event lived in the Twin Cities! I watched this talk with my teenage daughter and it sort of interested her, but not enough for me to light a shared spark of GTD-ness yet. 🧐

⏎ December 27, 2018

8 Powerful Evening Habits That Will Prepare You For a Better Tomorrow 🔒 medium.com

A lot of people write about creating powerful morning routines”. It strikes me an evening routine might be even more important though.

⏎ December 27, 2018

Designing resilient systems: Circuit Breakers or Retries? (Part 1) 🔒 engineering.grab.com

A deeper dive into how Hystrix implements the circuit breaker pattern.

⏎ December 27, 2018

Can the Government Block Me on Twitter?: 2018 Year in Review | Electronic Frontier Foundation 🔒 www.eff.org

I continue to find this topic interesting, and I wish it would be taken a level higher. Why is it okay for government to use a service like Facebook to share information with citizens? Facebook and Twitter require you to create an account and be surveilled. Why is it okay for a government elected by citizens to choose a medium that requires creating an account with a for profit entity and then being surveilled to get information. Email doesn’t suffer this problem, and works just fine. And, I don’t think a government we elect should be allowed to block us. That takes it to the extreme of requiring surveillance to get the information, and then blocking citizens from even seeing the information.

⏎ December 27, 2018

Istio vs Hystrix 🔒 www.exoscale.com

Good introduction to the circuit breaker design pattern and how to implement it in two different platforms.

⏎ December 27, 2018

Become A Facebook-Free Business – Signal v. Noise 🔒 m.signalvnoise.com

This is an interesting idea. I wonder if a broader push like this might be successful. Companies could proclaim how they respect your privacy as part of their value proposition.

⏎ December 27, 2018

My Must-Have Mac Apps, 2018 Edition – MacStories 🔒 www.macstories.net

Great inventory of apps for macOS.

⏎ December 27, 2018

My Must-Have iOS Apps, 2018 Edition – MacStories 🔒 www.macstories.net

Viticci knows iPad productivity better than anyone else I know. HIs list of apps that he’s using is a great place to find new tools. I follow his writing pretty closely and still found three or four new apps in this list.

⏎ December 27, 2018

Python gets a new governance model [LWN.net] 🔒 lwn.net

An interesting read to see how the Python language will be governed now that the BDFL has stepped aside.

⏎ December 27, 2018

Timing 2018.4: Calendar Integration, "Weekend Mode", Project Colors, and More! — Timing Time Management Blog 🔒 timingapp.com

I continue to believe that there is hidden insights locked away in our calendars, and software should help us get more from it. Timing has now added calendar integration. I still don’t like using Timing or Rescue Time. Knowing that I have software watching me feels creepy, even when it’s software I’m using to watch myself.

⏎ December 27, 2018

16 (x4) Books We Read Winter 2018 – Andreessen Horowitz 🔒 a16z.com

Expansive book list. I find these fun to browse for inspiration.

⏎ December 27, 2018

Minnesota United FC on Twitter: "DING DONG DING DONG 🔊 SOUND ON 🔊… " 🔒 twitter.com

I really don’t like linking to Twitter, but this video is fun and I can’t find it on the open web. I can’t wait to see games in 2019 at Allianz Field!

⏎ December 27, 2018

Ethical Hypocrisy and Social Networks – Leah Cunningham – Medium 🔒 medium.com

My friend Leah Cunningham has decided she’s done with Facebook properties, and shares why.

⏎ December 22, 2018

Away from Keyboard #10: Maria Boland Ploessl found her home in technology 🔒 changelog.com

Fun interview with the ED of Minnestar, Maria Boland Ploessl about minnestar and her transition into parenthood.

⏎ December 21, 2018

How much is social media worth? Estimating the value of Facebook by paying users to stop using it 🔒 journals.plos.org

Oh my…

Though the populations sampled and the auction design differ across the experiments, we consistently find the average Facebook user would require more than $1000 to deactivate their account for one year.


⏎ December 20, 2018

Stripe Atlas: Writing copy for landing pages 🔒 stripe.com

Quick primer for non-marketing types to help write better copy to engage.

⏎ December 20, 2018

As Facebook Raised a Privacy Wall, It Carved an Opening for Tech Giants - The New York Times 🔒 www.nytimes.com

This should surprise nobody.

For years, Facebook gave some of the world’s largest technology companies more intrusive access to users’ personal data than it has disclosed, effectively exempting those business partners from its usual privacy rules, according to internal records and interviews.

Facebook is a surveillance engine, not a company or a social network. It’s goal is to surveil you and to profit from that. Preferably addict you as well.

⏎ December 20, 2018

What Leadership Really Feels Like 🔒 mailchi.mp

A good explainer on why telling stories that connect to the future matters so much!

⏎ December 20, 2018

How to Take Great Holiday Photos – The Sweet Setup 🔒 thesweetsetup.com

Just in time for the holidays some simple tips on better photos. It misses one that I think is very important, particularly with kids, which is to get to eye level with your subject. Kids are often taken pictures from above” them. It’s better if you get your camera right at eye level for the subject.

⏎ December 20, 2018

The Gun Violence Map: Five Years of American Shootings 🔒 www.thetrace.org

Eye opening way to show gun violence.

⏎ December 20, 2018

Darkroom 4.0: The MacStories Review – MacStories 🔒 www.macstories.net

Darkroom is amazing but it badly needed an iPad version, and now there is one!

⏎ December 20, 2018

Launch Center Pro 3.0 Review: Universal Version, New Business Model, NFC Triggers, and More – MacStories 🔒 www.macstories.net

It never made sense to me that this wasn’t universal since it messed up syncing. I’m giving this app another try since it seems like something I would like, but I’ve never gotten into the habit of using it.

⏎ December 20, 2018

AutoSleep 6: Effortless Sleep Tracking More Accessible Than Ever – MacStories 🔒 www.macstories.net

I use this app passively to get approximate data about sleep patterns. You can get reasonably good data by just installing it and letting it go.

⏎ December 20, 2018

Why the US Air Force believes in Santa 🔒 www.red-gate.com

An absolutely delightful article for Christmas on NORAD and Santa Claus… 🎄

This year, 1,500 volunteers at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs will, once again, answer over 150,000 telephone calls and thousands of emails from children all over the world. And the NORAD Santa Tracker itself will receive over 20 million visits.

🎅 Via Chad Burdette.

⏎ December 20, 2018

SPS Commerce Acquires CovalentWorks - MarketWatch 🔒 www.marketwatch.com

Some acquisition news from SPS Commerce! 👍

⏎ December 19, 2018

Senate Intelligence Reports On Russia Detail Broad Disinformation Plan : NPR 🔒 www.npr.org

Instagram doesn’t get the focus that Facebook does regarding potential misuse, but it should. And please remember, it’s all just Facebook since they bought Instagram.

The new research also points to the previously underappreciated prominence of the IRAs use of Instagram. It notes that IRA posts on the photo-sharing platform received 187 million engagements, which dwarfed the 76.5 million engagements that IRA posts received on Facebook.

That’s pretty amazing engagement.

⏎ December 18, 2018

Introducing MacStories Selects: The Best New Apps, App Updates, and iOS Games of 2018 – MacStories 🔒 www.macstories.net

MacStories produces some of the most in-depth looks at iOS apps out there. The idea of an annual award is a little gimmicky, but from them I’ll pay attention. I’ve played with Agenda, which they pick as the top app, but it hasn’t resonated with me. I might give it another go given their enthusiasm. Scriptable here is a nice nod to it’s potential, but it’s still far too complicated for even most power users.

⏎ December 18, 2018

Darkroom For iPad: Faster. Easier. More Powerful. – Dispatches From Darkroom – Medium 🔒 medium.com

I’ve been impressed with Darkroom on iOS since I first used it. I had two issues that kept me from using it a lot: it was buggy and crashed somewhat frequently, and it had no iPad app. The bugs got better, and today we get an iPad app that looks great! This continues to be an incredible impressive RAW editing app for iOS.

⏎ December 18, 2018

A random emoji in your terminal prompt. How and Why! 🔒 loige.co

A nice way to add some fun to your command line! 😍

⏎ December 18, 2018

ongoing by Tim Bray · SF-4: Serverless Latency? 🔒 www.tbray.org

Tim Bray’s entire set of essays on Serverless are fabulous. He’s incredible knowledgable in this domain. This one on latency I thought was particularly informative to help the reader think about the problem in a more precise way.

⏎ December 16, 2018

Amazon’s Disturbing Plan to Add Face Surveillance to Your Front Door | American Civil Liberties Union 🔒 www.aclu.org

The headline here is intentionally overstated. Technology companies file patents constantly for stuff that they have no plan to make. With that said, the patent described here is straight out of some Orwellian surveillance state.

Imagine if a neighborhood was set up with these doorbell cameras. Simply walking up to a friend’s house could result in your face, your fingerprint, or your voice being flagged as suspicious” and delivered to a government database without your knowledge or consent. With Amazon selling the devices, operating the servers, and pushing the technology on law enforcement, the company is building all the pieces of a surveillance network, reaching from the government all the way to our front doors.

It’s not obvious to most people that a bunch of houses with fancy smart doorbells” can result in a surveillance state, but it surely can.

⏎ December 16, 2018

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