The Apple A15 SoC Performance Review: Faster & More Efficient

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In short, the A15 delivers 15% more performance using 5% less power. The efficiency of the Apples System-on-a-Chip continues to get better and better. Largely tried and true means of getting it by doubling the SLC to 32MB and the L2 cache up 50% to 12MB. Clock speed is also up to 3.18GHz. The fact this stuff sits in your pocket still blows my mind. 🤯

There is a lot of wondering about the more pedestrian” upgrades to this years A15.

The possible reason for Apple’s more moderate micro-architectural changes this year might be a storm of a few factors — Apple had notably lost their lead architect on the big performance cores, as well as parts of the design teams, to Nuvia back in 2019 (later acquired by Qualcomm earlier this year). The shift towards Armv9 might also imply some more work done on the design, and the pandemic situation might also have contributed to some non-ideal execution. We’ll have to examine next year’s A16 to really determine if Apple’s design cadence has slowed down, or whether this was merely just a slippage, or simply a lull before a much larger change in the next microarchitecture.

Stay tuned…

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