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This is a good read, but it is also worth checking out just for the exceptionally well done presentation technique. The three problems” that Rendle highlights are:

Newsletters killed blogs because…

  1. They’re impossibly easy to publish.
  2. Your inbox is a notification stream.
  3. Writers can actually, ya know, get paid.

I don’t know that I agree with the first point, there are incredibly easy blogging solutions. And the third item on getting paid to me is a limitation for a small set of publishers, but not most. Most content being published isn’t there to generate revenue.

However, he is spot on with the second point and his criticism of RSS, which I love so much, is absolutely true. The fact that newsletters come to you is a big deal.

I do think he missed one point, which is the the privacy and control that you feel in your inbox versus a web browser.

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