Daring Fireball: The M1 Macs

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If you read just one article about the new M1 Apple Silicon Macs this is the one to read. Gruber has a long history in the Apple world, and focuses on the things that matter. I love his reference to the strategy with the M1 as compared to the Mac moving to Intel chips before.

The logic behind Apple’s transition then to Intel boiled down to another old axiom: If you can’t beat them, join them.

The logic behind Apple’s transition now to Apple Silicon is this: If you can beat them handily, do it.

The M1 Macs are such better machines than their Intel-based predecessors it’s hard to believe. Apple’s battery life braggadocio is warranted. The battery just lasts and lasts and lasts. I’ve been using this MacBook Pro almost exclusively on battery power all week, doing both all my normal work and running benchmarks and performance-stressing tasks, and I can’t come close to depleting it in a full day of work.

The power efficiency in these chips is a game changer. We may finally be getting to the point where we can get laptops that will always go the whole day, even under intense usage, on a single charge.

The there notable thing here is stuff that the M1 does in the chip and is the marriage of the software and hardware working together so tightly.

Broadly speaking, this is a significant reason why M1 Macs are more efficient with less RAM than Intel Macs. It’s the combination of software and hardware designed together.

I can’t wait to get my hands on one fo these.

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