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This Is True History: One of the Internet’s Oldest Newsletters

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Newsletter are the new hotness? Or are Podcasts? Maybe both. Everyone seems to have one of each. This story is about a newsletter that has been published since 1994! 25 years and still going!

I had 2,000 printed, and I told my readers this story. This was before I had PayPal, this was before I had a shopping cart,” he explained. And I said, You know, if you’re tired of people telling you what to believe and how to think, send me a buck, I’ll send you 10 cards.’”

His wife thought he was crazy, that he just wasted his money on a box of parody cards. Instead, his reader base sent him money through the mail for these cards. He sold so many that he had to start ordering them in sets of 10,000. In two decades, Cassingham has sold more than 2.2 million cards.

Maybe I need to order some Weekly Thing cards! 😎

Posted on January 23, 2020

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