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Just get paid and our culture of lies – On my Om

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Om Malik making a broader point around the behavior we reward lately.

Given the size of the reward relative to that of the punishment for lying, cheating and bad behavior, there is little incentive for others not to imitate their actions. What’s good for Facebook is good for every startup that wants to cut corners and grow fast. What’s good for WeWork, is good for others. What’s good for the Astros is good for the Red Sox — and trust me, pretty much every other team. Possible even my beloved New York Yankees.

Just think about the literal billions of dollars that the founder of WeWork is enjoying right now. As a society, we need to be more balanced in what success is. Let’s start with being authentic and genuine as part of it!

As an aside, my son has this infatuation with the Astros. I’m struggling with how much at the age of 9 he should be getting a complete view of this, versus his young love and fervor for the sport of baseball. Greed puts us all in awkward spots.

Posted on January 15, 2020

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