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Great article highlighting the value of extending or enhancing time that you get from products. Galloway then goes into the horrible tradeoff that a company like Facebook makes in that bargain.

Movies and HBO saved some time, but were relatively expensive. And then came Google, Facebook, and Netflix. I’ll get a year back (time spent not watching ads) in exchange for $4,680 spent on Netflix. How to even think of doing research without Google? Would I have to go to a library and log on to Lexis/Nexis? It’s hard to imagine how much time and life Google has created.


Facebook is now squarely in the red and a net negative for society. The social network held the promise of enhancing our time here, via connection, and has delivered on much of that. However, most time enhancement has been negated, as the social network is depressing our teens and endangering our most precious asset, girls. Teen suicide has skyrocketed β€” up 77% for older teen girls and up 151% for younger teens (research by colleague Jonathan Haidt).

Good time for a New Years evaluation to delete Facebook and remove it from your life?

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