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Skip level meetings: What they are, and exactly how to run them - Signal v. Noise

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This is a good overview on approaching skip level meetings.

For you as a manager, the purpose of a skip level meeting is to get out of your good news cocoon: How are folks on the team really feeling about the work, the culture, and the team around them. What could be better? What needs to be resolved? It’s valuable, sacred time what you truly won’t get any where else.

Skip level meetings are dually beneficial for the employee, as well. It’s an opportunity for them to get aligned and centered around the vision — and ask you valuable questions that helps them with their own work.

By far the thing I like the most here is the list of things you don’t do. I do skip level 1:1s, and should do them even more, and it’s critical that you not interfere with or get in the way of the work the direct manager is doing.

Posted on October 28, 2019

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