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DevOps: Tools Can Lead The Culture Change – Alt + E S V

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I think this is a very good, pragmatic perspective.

If you are trying to drive organizational transformation with procurement alone you’re in for disappointment. Tools cannot fix a broken culture. You can’t buy your way out of a culture issue. Tools can’t save you if you’re ignoring underlying issues like internal power struggles, lack of trust across teams, siloed communication, etc. There are no silver bullets.


Tools can be critical to changing people’s mindset. It’s hard to practice the right behaviors without the right foundational toolset. Tools can enable new ways of working and collaborating.

Not all changes you wish to affect in an organization are the same. Changes that are more complicated”, have tended in my experience to require both a cultural transition and can, at times, require tooling to facilitate that change.

I’ve recently been working on incorporating OKRs into our team and that is an example to me where tooling is needed. We tried to do it without, and the act of managing and tracking things became so complicated that the hope of cultural change was lost. We realized we need tooling to support that in our environment as well.

Posted on October 28, 2019

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