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WeWork Is Unloading Adam Neumann's Cronies—and His Private Jet | Vanity Fair

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Maybe I should stop reading all the crazy stuff coming out of WeWork, but this is just too good.

A group of 10-plus staffers referred to internally as the oval office” will also be exiting the company, according to the Journal, including several friends who worked on Neumann’s personal deals.

and then…

One of the biggest hallmarks of Neumann’s WeWork legacy set to leave the company in his wake, though, is the former CEOs $60 million private jet, which the post-Neumann WeWork is now planning to sell.

oh, and you don’t think there is more…

Neumann spent even more money by renovating the jet, adding two bedrooms and Apple TVs—complete with shows and movies that staff members spent three days straight” downloading—to the private jet, which the then-CEO frequently used as a meeting space. I know of instances where people got on the plane, flew across the country, and flew commercial home,” one executive told Business Insider.

Wow. Just wow.

Posted on September 27, 2019

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