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Inside Kickstarter’s year of turmoil—and a union effort that could be a first for the tech industry.

🔒 slate.com

The union drive at Kickstarter continues to move along, and get uglier. I never had read the origin story of this, why did a union push even start?

What happened over the next seven days rattled the Kickstarter staff. After the Breitbart article, the project had to be reviewed by Kickstarter’s Trust and Safety team, which audits whether disputed content violates the company’s community guidelines or is making other users unsafe. Because it was satirical, Always Punch Nazis may not have been a clear-cut case. According to multiple current and former employees, the Trust and Safety team initially decided not to act against Always Punch Nazis. But then management overruled the team, saying that Always Punch Nazis had to come down.

I can’t remember ever hearing of a tech company anywhere remotely like Kickstarter having a union workforce. This seems like a very tough situation for both sides.

Posted on September 15, 2019

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