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Encrypted DNS could help close the biggest privacy gap on the Internet. Why are some groups fighting against it? —Deeplinks

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I’ve done a lot to protect my privacy using tools on my web browsers, but DNS is very hard to protect. Think of DNS like the phone book for the internet, and right now every time you look you an entry, anyone in your network can see what you are looking up. This is a gold mine for companies like Comcast to watch what websites you visit and sell that data.

Alongside technologies like TLS 1.3 and encrypted SNI, DoH has the potential to provide tremendous privacy protections. But many Internet service providers and participants in the standardization process have expressed strong concerns about the development of the protocol. The UK Internet Service Providers Association even went so far as to call Mozilla an Internet Villain” for its role in developing DoH.

I’ve considered bringing DNS into my house with Pi-hole, but even better would be encrypted DNS requests.

Posted on September 12, 2019

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