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A Week On The Wrist: The Apple Watch Series 5 Edition In Titanium - HODINKEE

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I like reading when watch magazines write reviews of the Apple Watch, because their perspective is entirely different. I really enjoy fine watches, but I find it very beneficial to have the capabilities of the Apple Watch. Luckily the Apple Watch is a pretty fine watch. However, as long as I’ve had it I’ve always been bothered that you cannot subtly check the time with a glance. It takes a somewhat exaggerated movement to wake up the watches display.

As I started wearing the watch around, I found the always-on screen a bit disorienting a first. After years of expecting there to be a shiny black void, I suddenly had something staring back at me even when I wasn’t paying it deliberate attention. In a funny way, after the initial weirdness wore off, it actually made the Series 5 feel more natural and comfortable. As someone who’s most often wearing an analog watch of some kind or another, I’m very used to more subtle time-checking gestures and to always having my watch’s hands and dial visible. Even beyond the functionality, this makes the Series 5 feel more like a watch than any previous Apple Watch.

I’m super happy to hear this. Need to place that order… ⌚️

Posted on September 19, 2019

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