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The Problem With “Content”   – On my Om

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Over the years I worked with many journalists and nearly all of them bristled at the word content. One once argued with me that I should just go all the way and call it data”. People who exercise a craft, do that in the theme of that craft, not arbitrary buckets of bits like content.

A photographer who says that he is creating content” for his YouTube channel is nothing more than a marketer churning out fodder to fill the proverbial Internet airwaves with marketing noise.

I love how Om looks at his personal website. I feel similarly.

Like in my apartment, on my blog, I am king. My first decree was to eschew any and all analytics. I don’t want to be driven by views,” or what Google deems worthy of rank. I write what pleases me, not some algorithm. Walking away from quantification of my creativity was an act of taking back control.

I’m glad to see I’m in such great company having removed analytics from my website, and I also disable all link tracking on the Weekly Thing.

Posted on June 17, 2019

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