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Disrupting the Tech Profession’s Gender Gap

🔒 www.shrm.org

This is a shocking statistic.

In 2016, technology industry recruiter Speak With a Geek sent out 5,000 resumes with identical information to companies. One set of resumes included gendered names and biographical information, and the other set omitted those details. When those identifying aspects were removed from the resumes, 54 percent of the women received interview offers; when gendered names and other biographical information were provided, only 5 percent of them did.

54% to 5% with no difference in the data itself? 😳

The article highlights what I think is one of the keys to improving technology teams, creating an inclusive culture and environment. Yes, you need to do the structural things, but nurturing an inclusive culture is critical to sustained improvement, in a number of different areas. Thanks to Mike Carey for the link! 👍

Posted on May 14, 2019

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