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Snopes pulls out of its fact-checking partnership with Facebook – Poynter

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Facebook paying $100,000 for this service is laughable, and should mostly serve as further assurance that Facebook doesn’t see value in solving this problem. It’s also crazy to me that Snopes highlights that there is no API and there isn’t an easy way to flag content. Clearly Facebook knows how to make APIs and how to make user experiences easy, at least when they want to.

With a manual system and a closed system — it’s impossible to keep on top of that stuff,” Green told Poynter in a phone interview. Do you need fact-checkers to stop and do all this manual work? Or should fake websites just be reported through other means and supply a body of evidence that these people shouldn’t be on your platform because of their nefarious activity?”

I like this focus on engaging directly with their actual customers.

It’s hard for me to concern myself with making Facebook successful when it’s so hard just for Snopes to be successful,” Green said. Our community isn’t just on Facebook. We prioritize our readers first.”

Honestly, Facebook doesn’t lack resources to solve this problem.

Posted on February 5, 2019

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