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Oh God, It's Raining Newsletters — by Craig Mod

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Craig Mod sharing some perspective on the recent rise in newsletters. This newsletter, the Weekly Thing, is part of that rise. I have found some, but not all, of the particular and unique aspects of newsletter writing that is described here. I do love the unmediated” aspect of email. There isn’t a spot for a company in the middle to profit from it (the reason I’m circumspect of ventures like Stoop).

These newsletters are the most backed up pieces of writing in history, copies in millions of inboxes, on millions of hard drives and servers, far more than any blog post. More robust than an Internet Archive container. LOCKSS to the max. These might be the most durable copies yet of ourselves. They’re everywhere but privately so, hidden, piggybacking on the most accessible, oldest networked publishing platform in the world.

Long live email! 📧

Posted on February 7, 2019

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