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50 Years In Tech. Part 16: From One Ice Floe To The Next

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Jean-Louis Gassée has been writing some very fun retrospectives of his time in tech. If you remember BeOS and the BeBox this is a fun read. I also found this little inside baseball look at NeXTSTEP and Apple’s acquisition of NeXT fun.

Later, I learned another version of the story from a NeXT and Apple insider. By 1996, Jobs had given up on NeXTSTEP and had focused the company on WebObjects, a set of tools and building blocks aimed at the design and implementation of high-performance, feature-rich websites. But the noise from the Apple-Be conversations attracted the attention of Avie Tevanian, VP of software at NeXT, who urged Jobs to dust off NeXTSTEP and whip up a demo. The master persuader convinced Gil Amelio to pay the price Apple didn’t want to pay for Be: $429M for NeXT.

It’s unlikely Apple acquiring BeOS would have been transformational, but maybe. The leadership behind NeXTSTEP was very transformational for Apple.

Posted on February 21, 2019

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