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Stop Checking Your Email All The Time (How to Break Your Inbox Dependence And Get Real Work Done)

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Everything in this is so true.

The average person checks email 77 times a day, sends and receives more than 122 email messages a day, and spends 28 percent or more of their workweek managing a constant influx of email.

That is a ton of time, and even more when you consider the mental distraction of it all. I find this problem to be very difficult to solve though. Particularly in the workplace people have gotten used to sending emails and expecting immediate awareness. Any time you send an email Are you coming to this meeting?” you reinforce that in your culture. To some extent, the adoption of messaging in business has been a welcome reprieve from this but not enough.

Personally I use Sanebox to keep emails in different bins, so I can check them on a more appropriate schedule based on the sender and content of the email. It’s a game changer! But I still would like to get to less time in email and more time focused on things that deliver more value.

Posted on December 8, 2018

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