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New Documents Show That Facebook Has Never Deserved Your Trust | Electronic Frontier Foundation

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Everything you ever thought Facebook might do with your data that you don’t want them to, they are doing. The end of this article hits it right:

No matter how Zuckerberg slices it, your data is at the center of Facebook’s business. Based on these documents, it seems that Facebook sucked up as much data as possible through reciprocity” agreements with other apps, and shared it with insufficient regard to consequences for users. Then, after rolling back its permissive data-sharing APIs, the company apparently used privileged access to user data either as a lever to get what it wanted from other companies or as a weapon against its competitors. You are, and always have been, Facebook’s most valuable product.

I continue to happily live in an Internet, with my 1Blocker setup, that doesn’t include any Facebook properties. They simply cannot be trusted with any data, and they have the most of it.

Posted on December 6, 2018

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