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We Wasted Ten Years Talking About Performance Ratings. The Seven Things We've Learned. – JOSH BERSIN

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Like this perspective on performance management systems. Things of note:

  1. Curious to see BetterWorks highlighted. They seem to show up in this topic more than most. Noting to look into their solutions more.
  2. The feedback topic highlighted is a component of why I’ve been pushing to provide more structure and guidance to the 1:1 functions in our teams. There is an incredible amount of time and investment in 1:1’s, and I think many of them do not have clear goals and objectives.
  3. I like seeing OKRs highlighted here.
  4. I like the way this framed the engagement topic, and how a manager should think about team engagement in their overall work.

Good things to consider as your organization evolves and grows. Via Juselly French.

Posted on November 29, 2018

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