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Frank Chimero · Everything Easy is Hard Again

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Frank Chimero is typically an enjoyable read and this doesn’t let you down.

I wonder if I have twenty years of experience making websites, or if it is really five years of experience, repeated four times. If you’ve been working in the technology industry a while, please tell me this sounds familiar to you.

People will say that technology has a fashion thing. This is what they are referring to.

It seems there are fewer and fewer notable websites built with this approach each year. So, I thought it would be useful remind everyone that the easiest and cheapest strategy for dealing with complexity is not to invent something to manage it, but to avoid the complexity altogether with a more clever plan.

This is what experience brings. Early in their career technologists pile on complexity to solve any problem. After years of supporting those Towers of Babel, simpler solutions tend to look more appealing.

Last month, I had to install a package manager to install a package manager. That’s when I closed my laptop and slowly backed away from it.


Posted on November 4, 2018

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