Mary Meeker’s Internet Trend reports are things of legend now. At 294 slides there is a lot here, as always. Interesting observations:

  • 5.9 hours spent online per day. Up from 2.7 in 2008 and 5.6 just last year. Wondering where all your time went? There it is.
  • There are 450 million WiFi networks. Wow! Turns out IPv4 lasted longer than we ever thought. 😳
  • China has 500 million mobile payment users.
  • There are over 30 million Amazon Echo devices out there.
  • You are worth $34/year to Facebook.
  • E-commerce is 13% of all retail sales.
  • Alibaba is clearly an Internet giant that most in the US have little knowledge of.
  • Flexibility is most desired benefit employees seek.
  • Time spent on social media alone, 135 minutes/day.

This is all worth a couple of times through.