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Johnny Cash: American Recordings Album Review | Pitchfork

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I so distinctly remember getting this CD when I was in college and being instantly transfixed by it. 🎶

Cash is listening. He thinks Rubin wears clothes that would have done a wino proud,” but he likes his individualism, and he knows that his own back is against the wall. So he goes to the hills above the Sunset Strip. He sits down in Rubin’s living room and plays songs that mean something to him, just him and his guitar, and Rubin rolls the tape. In three days, they’ve got north of 30 songs. Cowboy songs, folk songs, and old songs figure heavily. You know, songs about God, murder, trains, and everything else that makes America.

I loved reading the back story on this. I think the amazing thing about the Cash / Rubin collaboration is it cemented Johnny Cash concretely in multiple generations. How many artists ever do that? Not many.

Posted on April 11, 2018

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