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The Internet of Things' Dangerous Future: Bruce Schneier

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Compelling article by Bruce Schneier arguing the increasing threats we face in the security space.

The market can’t fix this because neither the buyer nor the seller cares. The owners of the webcams and DVRs used in the denial-of-service attacks don’t care. Their devices were cheap to buy, they still work, and they don’t know any of the victims of the attacks. The sellers of those devices don’t care: They’re now selling newer and better models, and the original buyers only cared about price and features. There is no market solution, because the insecurity is what economists call an externality: It’s an effect of the purchasing decision that affects other people. Think of it kind of like invisible pollution.

His argument is an interesting one and I think he’s right. There are parts of the technology market where the buyer does care about security, but by device count that is far from a majority. I also appreciate his call to not connect things to the Internet just because. Realize there is risk associated with that.

Posted on January 17, 2018

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