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Software architecture is failing – Alex Hudson

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I 💙 nearly everything in this article. I think one of the most important things for tech teams is to stay close to the problem they are solving and along with that stay close to their users. I remember when I was at MarketWatch we were building software for the news team and it was okay. Then we took those same developers and put them in the newsroom! A huge positive change in value delivery followed immediately. I’ve seen this repeated many times.

Talking about how technical teams make decisions, I often see a complete lack of understanding how to relate the business issues their organisation faces to the technical strategy. Regularly, I don’t see a technical strategy at all. The team may have made a decision like We’re 100% microservices!”, but when I ask them they cannot give a good reason that relates to the business in a direct way.

This is absolutely spot on!

A well-articulated technical vision should match the business vision directly, especially in a tech company.

There should be total and complete alignment between your business and technology strategy in a tech company.

I think we’re often getting the build/buy decision wrong. Software development should be the tool of last resort: we’re building this because it doesn’t exist in the form we need it”. I want to hear from more tech leaders about how they solved a problem without building the software, and tactics for avoiding development.

I often look at work teams are doing and ask is this differentiating?” If it isn’t you should buy it, if it is build it and be amazing at it. Make it your strategic more! If you feel it isn’t differentiating but you still need to build it do so with extreme caution and be miserly. You may be right, but you may not be too.

Posted on October 19, 2017

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