Wolverine Data  announces the most advanced GPS geographical tag accessory for your Nikon D200, D300, D2Hs, D2Xs, D3 or Fujifilm S5 Pro Photo!

The Wolverine GEO is a GPS accessory that attaches to the latest Nikon or Fuji DSLR’s to tag your exact location every time you take a picture. No need to guess where you took a picture, no need to manually associate each picture with location. The Wolverine GEO takes this burden away and map-tag your exact location onto your picture wherever you are. Paired with a compatible digital SLR camera from Fuji or Nikon, the Geo presents a user with the ability to embed in images geospatial data in the form of GPS coordinates in the image’s metadata during exposure. List Price: $189.99.

GeoTag photos anywhere in the world 20 parallel satellite tracking channels for fast acquisition Easy to install - Plugs into the camera 10-pin connector and Hotshoe Ultra compact design with low power consumption Draws power directly from camera Includes easy to use application software to map pictures Compatable with Google Map, Google World, Picasa and others

For more info, head over to Wolverine Data