In a time where we have Twitter, FriendFeed, Plurk, Facebook, and all kinds of services to socialize with, it is far too easy to forget about the value of a personal blog. For some of us, a personal blog might be a place to express ourselves in our free time, but for others, it is an excellent opportunity to create quite a following. However, many of us have neglected our personal blogs, some of us dont update our personal blogs, and a few of us dont even have personal blogs! Regardless, there are a few great reasons as to why you should have one and keep it updated.

Its All About You! If your personal blog is popular, that means people are interested in you, and that should be quite the confidence booster. Some people use their blog as a way to share things that happen in their life. Others use personal blogs as a place of useful information and ideas (like me at OnlyJames), and, further more, others use their personal blog as a life aggregator that contains all your activity from around the web.

Personal Experience One of the greatest benefits of a personal blog is that it allows your followers to connect with you on a fairly personal level. Your blog is like your home. You welcome them into your home, you share information about yourself, and you generate relationships with bloggers. When these people leave your blog, perhaps they will mention you around the blogosphere, and that is obviously a good thinga very good thing.

Credibility and Understanding A personal blog serves yet another purpose: it provides you with a level of credibility. You put your name out there, you let people get involved with you on a personal level, and you generate a community around yourself. There is much power and respect held when thousands of people are subscribed to your personal blog. It has all the makings of success written all over it if you can optimize this traffic.

Maintaining Attention A personal blog can also act as a hub for all of a persons projects and works. It might serve as a place for a blogger to raise awareness for a special project that only a few people know about. Think of this as a jump-start for future projects. Combine all this with a strong presence on Twitter, and there is some amazing potential ready to explode.

You, On The Internet Entertain this idea for a few moments: put yourself in the shoes of a professional race car driver. Lets say you represent team ABC and drive car #01. Fans always purchase team ABCs merchandise and are glad to buy your lunch-boxes. But lets assume that next season you are moving over to team XYZ. Wouldnt you feel better knowing that all those people were really fans of you instead of the car you drive and team you race for? Apply this very same concept to you and a blog you write for, and you now understand why marketing yourself is just as important.

Essentially, your personal blog is your own little chunk of the web that should be all about you. This is a place that you will, hopefully, keep for a long time, never sell, and show interest and appreciation to your followers. After all, every time a blogger writes an article, that blogger is, essentially, marketing himself or herself to the world.

If you have a personal blog, why not let us know where we can find out more about you?