One way we love to use Backpack is for “how to” pages that guide us through confusing tech waters. These tutorial pages mean we don’t have to waste time relearning processes from scratch. Some examples:

How to change FTP server for existing files How to checkout apps from the Subversion repo How to create accounts for Basecamp and Backpack from the console How to create File Attachments in the console How to deploy to staging How to failover to How to format dates with strftime How to merge a branch into trunk How to rebase in SVN How to restart a stage on dev How to run solr locally How to setup a local nameserver How to setup MySQL databases for local apps How to setup the Unix programs required by our apps How to test local apps in VMware

And here’s a look at one:

Jamis put it together and this was the reaction to it (from a Campfire chat):

Ryan: Jamis, thanks much for that page. really informative and well put-together Jamis: thanks RS! I’m glad it’s been helpful David: haha, I bookmarked that page! went back there a ton of times for the openbar reform. merged trunk more times than I’d care to remember. Jamis: yeah, svn rebasing is so insane. Most of the reason I made that page was for me to refer back to :) Ryan: what a great use of Backpack

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