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MacHeist bundle extended with VectorDesigner, more

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Filed under: Software In a co-promote with MacRumors Live’s coverage of today’s little event out San Francisco way, the MacHeist team has spiced up its 12-application retail bundle with a few new additions: VectorDesigner, SoundStudio (yet to be unlocked) and TextExpander. Add those to the original suite and you’ve still got a great deal at $49, especially for switchers or those new to the shareware universe. As always, a significant portion of your purchase price on the MacHeist bundle goes to support worthy charities (and another portion goes to support thirsty developers).As a side bonus for those who are ordering the bundle before 10 am Pacific time tomorrow (24 hours after the start of the keynote), there’s a lucky 15th app: VoodooPad. If you’re up for it, check out the bundle tomorrow morning and you might find something extra in your Mac stocking.Read

📌 Posted on June 10, 2008

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