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10k slices and more

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Slicehost’s 2 year anniversary is approaching and it’s been a wild ride. We are proud of how much we’ve grown and the incredible community that has sprung up around our service. Recently we passed the 10,000 slice milestone and decided to use the opportunity to share some interesting metrics.

High level stats

Active Slices >10,000 Raw Storage >600TB Active Customers >8,500 60% US, 40% International from 92 countries 16,500 domains hosted

SliceManager stats (last 6 months):

12,190 Slice rebuilds 293,370 Slice backups taken 2,697 Slice resizes performed 1,088 Slice root password resets 3,202 Support tickets answered 14,994 SliceManager requested reboots

Community stats:

Facebook group >500 members Freenode IRC channel 2,239 unique nicks since inception 23,000 unique visitors per month to articles.slicehost.com 155,000 page views per month at articles.slicehost.com 11,140 forum comments 828 twitter followers

📌 Posted on June 2, 2008

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