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One to Watch: Delish

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I have a confession: even though I have a del.icio.us account with hundreds of bookmarks saved in it, I almost never look at it. Thats because the relentlessly textual presentation just doesnt click with me. A new OS X del.icio.us client, Delish (now in beta), just might change that for me. The key here is that it presents all of your links, tags, and bundles with graphical thumbnails, rather than as just another list. Indeed, the interface is almost exactly that of iPhoto, just transmuted to work with the site instead of with photos.

So far functionality is limited to previewing bookmarks and jumping directly to the marked sites; youll need to work directly with del.icio.us or with another client such as Pukka to add and edit new bookmarks. I also had to sync multiple times to get everything thumbnailed. But already its very useful for finding sites that have aged into oblivion, or recognizing things visually. If they can add in editing features, I think theyve got it nailed.


📌 Posted on May 7, 2008

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