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Dashboard widget for Backpack Journal

🔒 37signals.blogs.com

The latest addition to Backpack: The Journal. And now, if you’re a Mac user, you can post your status and create new journal entries right from your Dashboard thanks to Roobasoft.com’s Dashboard widget.

Recently, 37signals added a Journal feature to Backpack. I wrote a little dashboard widget that uses their API and can post your status and create new journal entries.

Download BackpackJournal.wdgt

To use this, youll need your Backpack API Key. To get that, go to my info and click the Show your API key

After that, enter your text in whichever field you want and hit enter. Only the field you changed will be submitted.

Developers, you can use Backpack’s API to create your own add-ons for Backpack.

📌 Posted on May 27, 2008

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