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Caffeine control

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Filed under: Freeware We’re once again talking about Caffeine from lighthead Software (makers of Papaya), the freeware menubar app that keeps your screen awake. It’s now at version 1.0.2 with one new feature that makes it even more useful: time-limited activation.

A command-click on the coffee cup icon in your menubar presents a menu that allows you to set a variable duration for Caffeine to be activated. Got a 10 minute video to show a friend, but your screen is set to dim or go into Screensaver before the end? Set Caffeine for 15 minutes and forget about it.

We covered Jolt a while back, and this feature was available… for a small, $5 fee (of course, it’s worth mentioning that half of those five dollars are donated to charity). But Caffeine has caught up and it remains free. Update your copy or take it for a spin at lighthead’s website. Read

📌 Posted on April 12, 2008

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