Yesterday, a meme was started by Loic Le Meur where he discussed the de-centralization of his social media life and that he posits that he wants it all centralized back on his blog. I commented there and had no his post would spawn ironically a fully de-centralized conversation on the topic ranging from his blog, Twitter, FriendFeed and a number of other blogs.

My view before getting to the solution, we must get back to purpose of blogging or participating in social media in any way. Is it to become a destination yourself? Or is it, as Gary Vaynerchuk likes to say, to “execute on being you” and building your personal legacy. I’ve always thought of it in terms of the latter, to participate and being part of the conversation, but never the ultimate destination. We must put ourselves in the role of the consumer, centralizing them to go hundreds of locations to consume content. This is why RSS is so popular to distribute the content and why aggregation is so dominant to bring it back together for them.

Which brings me to my next point? Loic stressed centralization as the solution but one of his primary reasons is because the conversation is happening in all facets of his social media life and he cannot keep track of it. My hypothesis to solving this is not that each blogger become a content destination at their blog but rather a solution must developed to solve that problem. Perhaps FriendFeed and Disqus are two early solutions attacking this problem; the space certainly needs to evolve further. Brad Feld discusses the notification solution proposed by Josh Kopelman which I found very provactive.

I tent to agree where this discussion is heading. I want to be social media involved in a number of places, not have everyone come one place to get it. However, I DO want to manage it all in one place. I would love a “notification dashboard” that is perhaps built upon web services against all the APIs available. I’m imagining a social media Bloomberg of sorts but fully interactive. Here are some of the things such a dashboard could do for me:

Tell me when I being replied to in any venue? Provide me an aggregated bio or links to information on who is “friending” me. Notify me when a friend or someone I often have discussions is actively taking part in a conversation, where and in context Let me reply back to conversation directly from my dashboard but in context like Disqus Use attention data to provide me a priority on what I should look at first versus the less important Use semantic techniques to provide me with relevant content and similar conversations Use sentiment on the conversations so I have knowledge about where there is agreement or disagreement in the conversations A method to “educate” or send things to my dashboard when I stumble upon something interesting so I can have things waiting in a queue for me

Anyone interested in building this, let me know. Should be simple. Just a merging of all of the latest technology trends into one central application. But let me manage centrally but participate everywhere.