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OmniGraffle 5 shipping now

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Filed under: Software, Graphic Design The Omni Group has announced that OmniGraffle 5 is final and available for download and purchase. OmniGraffle is a brilliant template-based diagramming application that makes it a snap to draw up a flow-chart or schematic. As we noted when the first beta of version 5 was released, the latest OmniGraffle adds many important new features including support for Visio formats, a new layout engine, support for Bzier lines and shapes and much more. OmniGraffle comes in two versions, a standard version for $99.95 and a Professional version for $199.95 with an extended feature set (e.g. greater Visio support, subgraphs and more). Upgrades from previous versions are $39.95 (Standard) and $139.95 (Pro), with other options available for family pack licenses.Update: To upgrade from a previous Pro version to version 5 Pro it’s $74.95; it’s $139.95 to upgrade to version 5 Pro from any previous version of Standard.Read

📌 Posted on March 6, 2008

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