At MIX08 today, Las Vegas, and it’s in the lunch break after the keynote speach.

 Ray Ozzie and Scott Guthrie spoke a great deal about vision and direction of where some of the tools will come together this year. Something they mentioned is it can seem like the individual parts can seem random as they occur and it was a good chance for them to reveal how it comes together to create a powerful set of potentials.

Silverlight is a key focus of course, even more emphasized than I was expecting, but some of the develepment and creative tooling are much nicer and more powerful than I was aware of. Definitely something to look into.

Silverlight 2 will be coming out with a functionally contained clr engine running ironpython, ironrube, javascript, and csharp within - and it’s targetting mac, windows, linux, and mobile. So it’s absolutely something to take seriously with a huge number of daily downloads that’s ramping up.

 I won’t repeat the list of guest speakers, and you can watch the keynote for yourself, but they have some huge names invested to a greater or lesser extent. Nokia for example will have silverlight mobile on their devices, doubleclick will be supporting the technology as an advertising media, aol will also be using silverlight for some aspects of their site interactivity (email at least).

But I digress! Silverlight was not the main focus of the keynote - rather it was the connectedness that needs to be enabled in the future. Connecting management of applications, information, and media. Personal information and enterprise. I won’t attempt to reiterate here in a single paragraph, again more to come when time permits.