Filed under: Other Events, Developer, iPhone For those expecting a low-level bit-by-byte account of what the SDK means, Erica will return momentarily after a break from her (epic) type-a-thon this afternoon to give you the low-down. While we all wait for our downloads of the SDK to start here at TUAW’s globe-spanning offices, let’s just recap on what you need to build your next, earth shattering, application for the iPhone and iPod touch:

Mac OS X Leopard
An Intel-based Mac (sorry, PowerPC folks -- this one's an Intel-only show)
a free Apple iPhone developer account and the SDK itself -- note that access to the SDK is not going to cost you ninety-nine bucks. It's free, though getting the application approved and out onto devices will set you back the $99.

Sadly, if you’re wanting to run off and pick up a copy of said SDK, you’re likely to be left wanting. Apple Developer Connection is ‘pulling a Twitter’ (much like Twitter itself did, during the event) and is totally unresponsive to most visitors. That said, when the ADC site comes back online, be sure to scroll to the bottom of this page to get in on the SDK (note, existing ADC members need to update their memberships too and sign up as iPhone developers to access the SDK).Read