Small Potato of fame has come up with a new twist for Premium Themes. Now I try very hard to stay away from promoting premium themes because of their economic nature, especially if there is no direct advantage to my readers. But SP offered a large number of freebies for my readers and I had to pass them on to you.

Small Potato is starting a “WordPress Premium Themes Club” where he plans to offer twelve themes during a period of one year for a price of $5 per year in membership costs. There are four themes in the club and all new members will get the four themes and twelve more over the next 12 months. Now from a users’ perspective, if you like his work, the nominal charge is a good deal for 16 new themes and considering his promotion methods and the quality of his work, I believe he will do well. The themes include support and do not require attribution for use on multiple domains.

Use the code weblogtoolscollection2873ry (good for 500 signups, another 500 will be added as soon as these are used up so that everyone gets a chance) and signup at the following link. You can read more about the club here and preview the current themes here.