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Quarterlife Jumps To NBC, Bombs

🔒 www.businessinsider.com

MySpace and producer Marshall Herskovitz say that Quarterlife”, the TV-like Web show, is a hit. But when the show jumped to an actual TV network last night, it flopped. NBC drew 3.1 million viewers for the show’s national TV debut Tuesday night — 43% and 48% less than CBS and ABC, respectively, drew during the same 10 pm slot (Fox doesn’t broadcast nationally during that hour).

Most worrisome for NBC is that Quarterlife” lost millions of viewers who watched the show that preceded it. Apparently more people would rather watch fatties than self-absorbed twentysomethings: NBCs Biggest Loser: Couples” drew 7.4 million viewers at 9 pm, according to Nielsen.

Here’s how Quarterlife” stacked up against the competition at 10 pm:

NBC Quarterlife”: 3.1 million viewers CBS Jericho”: 6.9 million viewers ABC Primetime”: 7.7 million viewers

📌 Posted on February 27, 2008

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