Every day, I find myself typing commonly used phrases over and over again. Whether it is my address, my name, my email, or even Thank You. While it may not take long to type these things, at the end of the day, I find that a lot of my time goes to these tedious, repetitive phrases. Then I found TextExpander. TextExpander allows you to choose short snippets that you can type, and they will be automatically expanded into longer, more commonly used phrases. Whether you use this for your address, email, name, or HTML tags, is up to you.

While there are many applications on the Mac that can do things like this, TextExpander is the most advanced, allowing you to set the cursor and clipboard as well as use other variables. Let me show you how powerful TextExpander can be in your workflow.

SmileOnMyMac, the developers of TextExpander, have generously offered 2 licenses of TextExpander to giveaway to our readers. In order to enter this giveaway, you must comment on this post with 3 of the most repetitve phrases that you use every day. Make us laugh. Alternately you can add some suggestions on what features you would like to see with TextExpander. If you dont win a license, and see that TextExpander could be useful to you, you can purchase one for US $29.95 from their store.

The giveaway will end at midnight EST on Saturday, December 22th, with the winners being announced shortly after that. Good luck!