Technorati has announced that the account you setup on Technorati can now be used as an OpenID provider. Ian demonstrates how to use your Technorati profile to authenticate a blog on Google’s Blogger service.

I am pretty sure I would never use my Technorati profile to authenticate as an OpenID provider, but it’s a good marketing bit. It’s a good way to show that your profile could be used in this manner – something many might not know about (I didn’t). Technorati also began supporting OpenID for profile creation in October 2007.

Another update they have made over the past day which I do find beneficial is the addition of a URL link on the authority pages. In the past, some of the headlines linked directly to a site, but the majority of the time, the story linked to the site’s Technorati profile. This was a huge frustration factor for me as I want to see what the site says about me or a client, not the site’s profile page. Now (as shown below) they have the link to the profile and directly below it the full URL linked to the actual site. Bravo!