You might want to prepare yourself for 2008 by becoming a little bit more aware of Semantic Web technologies because i have a feeling we will all continue to hear more and more about them in various spaces including the Enterprise, Consumer and Government space. Via the Creative Commons weblog, a pointer to a short video explaining the Semantic Web in non technical terms that i think does a good job at giving you an idea of why you should be nodding along when you hear your colleagues and clients talk about Semantic technologies.The video was put together by Digital Bazaar a company that provides technology platforms that enable digital content to be bought and sold via the Internet. According to thier blog, they have been involved with the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) over the past several months working with the RDFa task force, chartered by the Semantic Web Deployment group. (follow this link If you can’t see the embedded video)While cruising through the Creative Commons Weblog i also learned that they recently enhanced the RDF/XML they serve for each license.