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Kindle: As the Airlines Try to Keep Up

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You’ve all been on plane trips and know the drill: Please turn off and stow all portable electronic devices including Game Boys, cell phones and Blackberries.” Then the flight attendants walk the aisles yelling at crackberry addicts (like me) to shut the devices off. Well, Kindle fans (and presumably Sony Reader fans), rejoice. I’ve been on 6 Air Canada flights since I’ve gotten my Kindle and nary a peep from the flight attendants. They see text, see I’m reading, and, well, nobody is telling me to turn it off. As I type this, I’m on a flight to LA. I mentioned this phenomenon to seat mate who had this observation: It looks all plastic and cheesy so they probably don’t think it is an electronic device.” Ouch.

Posted on December 4, 2007

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