How things have changed. A year ago, just about every device was closed and locked behind closed doors and proprietary information. Now were seeing Android, the Chumby, and now Bug Labs. Its exciting that people are waking up to the power of allowing people to hack - and to have a device as platform. Bug Labs in particular is getting me very excited. Fred Wilson has been blogging a bit about these guys (theyre a part of the Union Square Ventures portfolio) for a while, but this morning hes posted a video by Robert Scoble that got me begging for one of these: Im not even going to ramble about how this project is going to create a whole bunch of new hardware hackers (which is fantastic) and getting people to try out new ideas and prototypes for future devices - because thats all obvious if you watch Roberts video (or read his post). I just want our team here to get one of these and hack away at some ideas we have. Bug Labs guys - please dont pull a Chumby on me. I was on the initial list for the Chumby prototypes but because I moved back to Europe, I never got one. Not one of the first limited few (which they kept emailing me about), not one now that theyve launched. I cant order the damn thing. Be smart about this, please?