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New in Highrise: Inline editing of notes and emails

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Here’s a new feature that will make editing and deleting Highrise notes and emails a lot faster: Inline editing. Now when you hover over a note or an email in expanded view you’ll see an edit and trashcan” link appear to the left of the note. Clicking Edit” will allow you to edit the note or email inline. This saves two page reloads and a good 10 seconds of back and forth. Here’s what it looks like after you’ve clicked edit You’ll see that you didn’t have to leave the page to edit the note. It’s a big time saver. Watch a movie for the full effect Watch this 20 second quicktime movie of inline editing to see how it all works together. We hope you find this improvement as useful as we do. Thanks again for your continued support!

Posted on November 29, 2007

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