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glow: Render markdown on the CLI, with pizzazz! πŸ”’ github.com

Markdown is a plaintext format already, but this adds a little spice for a terminal user.

⏎ December 26, 2019

My Business Card Runs Linux β€’ &> /dev/null πŸ”’ www.thirtythreeforty.net

This is so incredibly geeky, and also very cool.

⏎ December 26, 2019

Robocall fines rise to $10,000 per call under newly passed law - The Verge πŸ”’ www.theverge.com

I’ve been paying an $18/year subscription to NoMoRoBo for a while to block the barrage of calls. Once the blocking stopped working and I started getting over a dozen calls a day. It was borderline harassment.

The House voted overwhelmingly to approve the measure earlier this month, and Thursday’s unanimous Senate vote means the bill only requires President Trump’s signature to become law.

Emphasis added. When does the US Senate ever do anything unanimously? I guess everyone hates robocalls.

⏎ December 23, 2019

Mozilla - *privacy not included πŸ”’ foundation.mozilla.org

Mozilla providing reviews of products specifically focused on the privacy aspects.

⏎ December 23, 2019

Hammerspoon πŸ”’ www.hammerspoon.org

I’m a big fan of automation, and I’ve long wanted to learn Lua.

This is a tool for powerful automation of OS X. At its core, Hammerspoon is just a bridge between the operating system and a Lua scripting engine. What gives Hammerspoon its power is a set of extensions that expose specific pieces of system functionality, to the user.

This might be interesting.

⏎ December 23, 2019

Apple Mac Pro 2019 | New Apple Computer Guide πŸ”’ www.popularmechanics.com

The metal holes in the new Mac Pro look very cool, but even better, they are designed that way to accommodate the thermal load.

Making those holes deep gets back to the first principle: more surface area means better dissipation. β€œ[The pattern] gives us a lot of surface area, which is hugely beneficial,” Ternus says. The Pro Display has fans for specific components, but the bored metal holes are what keeps that huge panel of LEDs cool enough to run so bright.

I love when great design and engineering need is solved in one solution.

⏎ December 19, 2019

The Power of The Inbox | Kourosh Dini πŸ”’ www.kouroshdini.com

Kourosh thinks deeply about his GTD system, and he uses OmniFocus just like me, so I find his reflections to be very useful. I tend to never let my Inbox get cluttered, but I also wonder if I couldn’t shove more things into the Inbox and get them out of my way.

⏎ December 19, 2019

Your Makefiles are wrong Β· Jacob Davis-Hansson πŸ”’ tech.davis-hansson.com

It seems I’ve never used make right, or even really understood it. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

⏎ December 19, 2019

Microbrowsers are Everywhere β—† 24 ways πŸ”’ 24ways.org

Good research on metadata to enable smart previews of links.

⏎ December 19, 2019

I’m a 37-Year-Old Mom & I Spent Seven Days Online as an 11-Year-Old Girl. Here’s What I Learned. πŸ”’ medium.com

The experiences documented here are disturbing and concerning. First, what the hell is wrong with these men? Second, how do you manage this and protect your kids online? Staying far, far away from all social platforms seems the best choice.

⏎ December 19, 2019

At age 13, I joined the alt-right, aided by Reddit and Google πŸ”’ www.fastcompany.com

There seems to be a pretty straightforward means to radicalize people to some desired outcome online. Wether the alt-right, or terrorist organizations, the playbook seems very similar.

⏎ December 19, 2019

Yap πŸ”’ yap.chat

This reminds me a bit of Unix talk.

⏎ December 19, 2019

Puddle & Pile β€” the app that predicts when your puppy needs to go β€” is freaking amazing – A Whole Lotta Nothing πŸ”’ a.wholelottanothing.org

Okay, there really is an app for everything! πŸ•πŸ’©

⏎ December 12, 2019

disaster.radio | a disaster-resilient communications network powered by the sun πŸ”’ disaster.radio

Love this project. In a world where I had unlimited free time I’d bite off a big chunk of it to play with Scuttlebutt. It’s a really interesting protocol for rarely connected network devices. The video is a good overview. Maybe this can be my version of prepping. 😎

⏎ December 12, 2019

It’s Time to Get Back to Basics – The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss πŸ”’ tim.blog

I’m not a Tim Ferriss devotee, but I find his stuff interesting, and I like that he’s returning to writing.

Equally important, those early years of regular writing helped me to think more clearly and to hone a craft I deeply revere. For me, to write is to become more human. To the extent that I’m sane, writing helped keep me in that lane.

I strongly agree with him. It’s easy to have thoughts and jabber on about them. It’s much harder, and intellectually rewarding, to actually form sentences and paragraphs.

⏎ December 12, 2019

In Review: 30 Years Of The World’s Highest Paid Athletes πŸ”’ noobnorm.com

The animation in this article showing the highest paid athletes is pretty cool to watch. I had no idea boxers made so much money! πŸ₯ŠπŸ’° And then comes Tiger Woods. β›³οΈπŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°

⏎ December 12, 2019

Git from the inside out πŸ”’ codewords.recurse.com

More than you ever wanted to know about how Git works. πŸ€“

⏎ December 12, 2019

Machine Learning Crash Course | Google Developers πŸ”’ developers.google.com

It’s amazing how much one can learn through completely open and free resources like this. This might be a cool course to take between Christmas and New Years!

⏎ December 12, 2019

Lightroom 5.1 Adds Direct SD Card Importing on iPad and iPhone, Plus New Export Options - MacStories πŸ”’ www.macstories.net

This is a huge deal for Lightroom on iPadOS being a powerful tool for a photographer. Being able to skip passed the built-in Photos system and go direct into Lightroom is very important. I hope to give this a workout on some of our travels this summer.

⏎ December 12, 2019

Drafts for Mac: It's Action Time - MacStories πŸ”’ www.macstories.net

Drafts is the fastest app that I have on both my iOS and macOS devices for capturing random bits of text and then working with it. Actions are super powerful and it’s great to see them coming to macOS now.

⏎ December 12, 2019

Why databases use ordered indexes but programming uses hash tables πŸ”’ www.evanjones.ca

Overview of two common and different ways to access data, and the tradeoffs between them.

⏎ December 12, 2019

Ring's Neighbors Data Let Us Map Amazon's Home Surveillance Network πŸ”’ gizmodo.com

I despise Ring’s marketing tactics. A look at this map shows that it works. It turns out we don’t need the government to create a surveillance state. If we sell people fear and tell them they’ll be safe violating the privacy of anyone walking in the public spaces around there house that is enough. 😠

⏎ December 12, 2019

Operations and Internal Communication Strategies For Effective CEOs πŸ”’ www.sametab.com

A ton of recommendations for different communications inside of a company. It seems like a lot, but there are some really good nuggets in here. Grab one thing and try it out?

⏎ December 12, 2019

An Introduction to JSON-LD | jonm.dev πŸ”’ blog.jonm.dev

I find JSON-LD interesting. JSON is super interesting, but it lacks semantics. That is where JSON-LD comes in.

JSON-LD is a specification being developed in the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) as a media type application/ld+json. This means you can still parse it as a plain-ol’ JSON document, but there are some additional conventions that add meaning to the content.

This might bring some of the good parts of XML to the JSON world.

⏎ December 12, 2019

dgsh β€” directed graph shell πŸ”’ www2.dmst.aueb.gr

I can’t say that I completely get it, but it looks cool.

⏎ December 12, 2019

The Product-Minded Software Engineer πŸ”’ blog.pragmaticengineer.com

I love this and thing all engineers should try to embody many of these 9 disciplines. πŸ‘

⏎ December 12, 2019

Privacy Analysis of Tiktok’s App and Website | Rufposten πŸ”’ rufposten.de

I have never used Tiktok, and I don’t plan to start ever. This article is an interesting read but don’t ignore it just because you don’t use Tiktok. Everything they are doing, is probably being done by several other services. It’s very good to be aware of how much targeting, identification, and tracking is being done in these applications. Honestly the app is just a little trinket to get you to fiddle with all of this tracking! πŸ‘€

⏎ December 12, 2019

Adding a new teller | queuing theory example πŸ”’ www.johndcook.com

Nearly every technical system of moderate complexity will use queues at some place, and there will inevitably be a time when those queues backup and cause problems. It can be very hard to explain those issues to non-technical folks. This simple article does a good job highlighting the non-linear behavior of queues.

⏎ December 10, 2019

Patrick Rhone: "the calendar will tell you the truth of who you are" πŸ”’ www.patrickrhone.net

Short post from Patrick Rhone about looking at our time and how that defines you. I continue to be intrigued by the idea of calendar analytics. I think there is a very real amount of value that a service could give you from the information on your calendar.

⏎ December 10, 2019

TWTR: Enough Already | No Mercy / No Malice πŸ”’ www.profgalloway.com

Searing open letter to Twitters board arguing that the poor performance of the company should result in the firing of the part-time CEO Jack Dorsey. I don’t know that I care so much, I’m not a Twitter shareholder, but Dorsey does seem more than a bit looney.

⏎ December 10, 2019

Time Machines & Species Failure | No Mercy / No Malice πŸ”’ www.profgalloway.com

Great article highlighting the value of extending or enhancing time that you get from products. Galloway then goes into the horrible tradeoff that a company like Facebook makes in that bargain.

Movies and HBO saved some time, but were relatively expensive. And then came Google, Facebook, and Netflix. I’ll get a year back (time spent not watching ads) in exchange for $4,680 spent on Netflix. How to even think of doing research without Google? Would I have to go to a library and log on to Lexis/Nexis? It’s hard to imagine how much time and life Google has created.


Facebook is now squarely in the red and a net negative for society. The social network held the promise of enhancing our time here, via connection, and has delivered on much of that. However, most time enhancement has been negated, as the social network is depressing our teens and endangering our most precious asset, girls. Teen suicide has skyrocketed β€” up 77% for older teen girls and up 151% for younger teens (research by colleague Jonathan Haidt).

Good time for a New Years evaluation to delete Facebook and remove it from your life?

⏎ December 10, 2019

The Best Apps & Hardware of 2019 – The Sweet Setup πŸ”’ thesweetsetup.com

I like these roundup of apps articles. They are a good way to discover new tools. I grabbed Pixelmator Photo and it is impressive. I already had CalZones and agree it’s a great way for dealing with global time zone management. Drafts, Shortcuts, Day One, Darkroom, GoodNotes are all already in my toolbox.

⏎ December 10, 2019

AI Dungeon πŸ”’ www.aidungeon.io

Uh oh, Dungeon Masters might be getting replaced by the big learning algorithm!

⏎ December 10, 2019

Uncovered: reality of how smartphones turned election news into chaos | Politics | The Guardian πŸ”’ www.theguardian.com

What a mess…

⏎ December 6, 2019

How GitHub’s CTO Architects Engineering Teams That Scale πŸ”’ medium.com

This is a fabulous set of 12 recommendations for any technology leaders. This is worth thinking through and developing some thoughts on each one for your own team. Great stuff. πŸ‘

⏎ December 6, 2019

Fenwick High School 2017 Commencement Speaker Mick Betancourt '92 - YouTube πŸ”’ www.youtube.com

My colleague Dan Juckniess shared this Fenwick High School commencement speech with me after telling me the quote that he found so powerful in it.

Whatever your doing, is what you’ll get better at.
Go to the bar every night and drink, guess what you’ll get better at.

Very powerful message.

⏎ December 5, 2019

Wait, How Do You Pronounce Kiev? - The New York Times πŸ”’ www.nytimes.com

I travel to our office in Kyiv twice a year and learned early on about the Ukrainian pronunciation. It’s super hard for me to get right, but I try. And I am much more aware when people say β€œthe Ukraine” instead of just calling it Ukraine now. When I work with others and discuss our Ukraine operation, I tend to use Kiev in a more global context, and use Kyiv when speaking to team members or others in Ukraine itself.

⏎ December 5, 2019

Liam Bot πŸ”’ liam-bot.glitch.me

Funny parody of Facebook’s Liam Bot for difficult questions over the holidays. πŸ™‚

⏎ December 5, 2019

FastAPI πŸ”’ fastapi.tiangolo.com

This looks like a crazy simple Python library to make API endpoints!

⏎ December 5, 2019

Create beautiful Gantt charts! πŸ”’ www.gantt.io

Not sure I want to make a habit of creating Gantt charts but this tool looks very powerful.

⏎ December 5, 2019

How Ring Went From β€˜Shark Tank’ Reject to America’s Scariest Surveillance Company - VICE πŸ”’ www.vice.com

I do not like anything about Ring. This first in a series of articles talks about the origin of Ring. I didn’t realize it was on Shark Tank!

At its core, Ring is a marketing company that realized it could make money by selling fear.

Violating other peoples privacy, and enabling surveillance, is despicable.

⏎ December 5, 2019

Roleplaying Difficult Conversations | Lara Hogan πŸ”’ larahogan.me

Roleplaying is a very useful way for managers to work through tough messages. I like this perspective on why you should take the time to do it.

Practicing difficult conversations and feedback helps you be a better manager, but the real reason you should do it is to fully support the person on the receiving end. It’s your job to help them be successful!

Some very good suggestions here.

⏎ December 5, 2019

Amazon API Gateway Offers Faster, Cheaper, Simpler APIs Using HTTP APIs (Preview) πŸ”’ aws.amazon.com

This seems to simplify much of the complexity of building API’s and get you going right away.

HTTP APIs simplify the API building experience for the most common features needed to build serverless applications or to proxy requests to HTTP endpoints. They come with standard API Gateway functionality such as throttling, metrics, and logging capabilities. In addition, you can secure your APIs using OIDC and OAuth 2 out of box, quickly build web applications using a simple CORS experience, and get started immediately with automatic deployment and simple create workflows.


⏎ December 5, 2019

Two malicious Python libraries caught stealing SSH and GPG keys | ZDNet πŸ”’ www.zdnet.com

This is a smart attack vector, and I suspect dangerously unprotected.

⏎ December 5, 2019

Warren Rustand on Working in the White House and Building a Purpose-Driven Life | Elevate Podcast πŸ”’ www.robertglazer.com

I recently discovered this podcast and this episode resonated strongly with me. I enjoyed thoroughly the discussion of focus areas, time management, and dedication. Recommended and worth a listen. 🎧

⏎ December 4, 2019

CBS shows Mark Zuckerberg is a human. Does that matter? - without bullshit πŸ”’ withoutbullshit.com

Total PR puff piece.

He’s not evil.

But Facebook is. And we need to hold him responsible for that.


⏎ December 4, 2019

Django 3.0 release notes | Django documentation | Django πŸ”’ docs.djangoproject.com

Major new release of one of the biggest Python frameworks.

⏎ December 4, 2019

A letter from Larry and Sergey πŸ”’ www.blog.google

Definitely a momentous milestone for Google.

⏎ December 4, 2019

Why You Should Ditch Your Laptop For iPad Pro – The Brooks Review πŸ”’ brooksreview.net

I like this argument for using an iPad more.

Something really fascinating happens when people open a laptop: they get to work. They check email, they have a million tabs, tons of apps showing progress on many tasks/projects, they have tabs for social networks, half in progress projects abound. People do stuff. They are sucked in β€” unlikely to step away anytime soon. However, when I see people use an iPad they use it for one thing β€” the thing they grabbed it to do β€” and then they go back to life.

I think there is some truth to that. This goes to the β€œcontext” of a computing device. For me I find the iPad a more focused device. Perhaps it is the lack of multiple windows? I am consistently increasing the volume of things that I do on my iPad.

⏎ December 4, 2019

Riot Settles Lawsuit, Will Pay Every Female Employee Since 2014 With $10 Million Fund πŸ”’ kotaku.com

Riot was frequently in the news a couple of years ago regarding the negative culture they had. It’s good to see some restitution being made here, and hopefully real change follows.

⏎ December 4, 2019

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