Thursday, October 11, 2018

The Decline of OpenID

It bums me out that OpenID failed. I was a big fan of OpenID when it came out and wanted to see it grow and succeed.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

How Tesla Made the Model 3 So Safe

This article highlights some of the amazing safety aspects of the Tesla Model 3.

So basically, when Tesla says its Model 3 has the “lowest probability of injury” ever tested by NHTSA, it means that the overall VSS score (which represents the “relative risk of injury with respect to a baseline of 15 percent”) of 0.38 is lower than that of any car ever tested.

That’s impressive, any way you slice it.

Lowest ever is very impressive!

RECaf Review: Effortless Caffeine Tracking — MacStories

This app is a great tool for those that want to track their caffeine intake. It’s also a great example of using the newest capabilities in iOS 12 to connect to things like Siri Shortcuts and put actionable items directly in notifications.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Tech Workers Now Want to Know: What Are We Building This For? - The New York Times

It’s about time that technology workers factor the outcome of their work into their decision to work on it.

Across the technology industry, rank-and-file employees are demanding greater insight into how their companies are deploying the technology that they built. At Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Salesforce, as well as at tech start-ups, engineers and technologists are increasingly asking whether the products they are working on are being used for surveillance in places like China or for military projects in the United States or elsewhere.

That’s a change from the past, when Silicon Valley workers typically developed products with little questioning about the social costs.

This is a good thing.

What's a senior engineer's job? - Julia Evans

It’s a little surprising that 20-30 years into the discipline of software engineering we are still debating what different levels mean, but there is a lot of ambiguity and difference between organizations on this.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Thursday, October 4, 2018

The Feeling That You’re Always Behind on Work : zen habits

I know that feeling!

Many of us have a constant neverending feeling that we’re always behind on what we need to get done.

Okay, now you got my attention.

And all of a sudden, you’re not behind on anything. Because what you’re doing right now is enough. And it’s all you have. Which is perfect, as it is.

A very Zen view on contentment. There is a lot of truth here, particularly the part about us creating our own anxiety rushing to the next thing. 🤔

The interesting ideas in Datasette

I like this set of highlights from the creator of Datasette on the main concepts that he used to create the project, and how those concepts allowed him to do some very cool things easily.

Google is losing users’ trust.

Fair and balanced article highlighting the good things that Google has done for privacy and security online, but also critical where they have not done well with privacy. I don’t store any private data with Google and blog their trackers. I recommend everyone else should too.

Daring Fireball: Bloomberg’s ‘The Big Hack’

This Bloomberg report on rogue chips from Supermicro infiltrating Amazon and Apple is pretty amazing. Gruber’s take on it is a good summary.

I see no way around it: either Bloomberg’s report is significantly wrong, at least as pertains to Amazon and Apple, or Apple and Amazon have issued blatantly false denials.

Apple and Amazon both vehemently deny this report. Apple even issued a second statement about it. It’s hard to know what really happened, but it’s notable to me that espionage at this level is known, and will impact how we can build new technology for certain purposes.

DuckDuckGo Traffic

I use DuckDuckGo for search on all of my devices, and I’m glad to see it continuing to grow!

iPhone XS: Why It’s A Whole New Camera – Halide

In my opinion, Halide is the most powerful camera app on iOS, and this take on the new camera system in the iPhone XS from the author of Halide is a great overview of the new system. This new Smart RAW approach looks nice. I’m still completely blown away by the level of photo you can pull of an iPhone now.

Putin’s war is transforming Ukraine - The Washington Post

I started traveling to Ukraine twice a year right after the conflict with Russia began. I’ve always found it very jarring when I read coverage of all the fighting, and then go there and it seems completely normal in the capital. I’m not sure about the trends in this article, but I would like it if this were the case.

Thanks to the war, and to their anger at its perpetrators, Ukrainians themselves are choosing to speak Ukrainian — more say they do every year. Thanks to the war, the different regions of this vast country are drawing more closely together


Mission, Strategy, and Tactics

Good clarifying post on the purpose and approach for mission, vision, strategy, etc. The last paragraph resonated with me.

Interestingly, this post is an example of something even more paramount than having a mission: providing a common language for the team to use that everyone understands. Ensuring people use terms consistently isn’t just pedantry, it is potentially critical to scaling execution.

This is so true. In a larger organization simply getting everyone talking using similar definitions is a big deal. The language and definitions behind it will fundamentally alter how people use these things.

Introduction to OKRs

Short, free e-book overview of Objectives and Key Results. Good for those that prefer to read instead of watching an overview video. This also has some nice practical implementation details about setting them up, reporting on them, etc.

Monday, October 1, 2018

Some possible career goals — Julia Evans

This is a good list to keep around for reference. I’ve had many experiences talking with people about their career objectives and next steps, and one of the most challenging situations can be when someone has aspirations for something new or different, but they aren’t able to express it. This list could be a good way to explore potentials in that situation.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Here's the One iPhone XS Feature That Justifies an Upgrade

I’ve been shooting with my iPhone XS for about two weeks now and I have to agree that of the capabilities of the new camera system, the Smart HDR capability is amazing.

In short, the iPhone XS is the best iPhone by far at approximating what you’d see with your own eyes. And most of the time, isn’t the ultimate goal of photography to capture something we’ve seen and keep it forever?

I’ve had several pictures come off the phone that I’ve marveled at the natural exposure of the photo.

Friday, September 28, 2018

No More Google

So many options other than Google.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Introducing Cloudflare Registrar: Domain Registration You Can Love

I’ve been using Namecheap for years as my registrar. I find them reliable and easy to use. Cloudflare has a great reputation and their entry into the registrar service may get me to move.

Here’s the promise of the Cloudflare Registrar: we’ll follow the best possible security practices and offer you the best possible price. What do we mean by that? From the security side, we promise we’ll allow you to enable two-factor authentication, we’ll lock your domain registration by default, and automatically enable best-practice security services like DNSSEC.

From the price side it’s even simpler: we promise to never charge you anything more than the wholesale price each TLD charges. That’s true the first year and it’s true every subsequent year. If you register your domain with Cloudflare Registrar you’ll always pay the wholesale price with no markup.

Cool that they are also allowing people to get earlier access if they make a donation to Girls Who Code!

Why sell zines? - Julia Evans

I’ve enjoyed Julia Evans’ zines and this background on why she charges for them is a good read on making a side project sustainable.

Facebook Is Giving Advertisers Access to Your Shadow Contact Information

Another in the endless series of findings on how Facebook uses your data to target you.

I was helping him test the theory by targeting him in a way Facebook had previously told me wouldn’t work. I directed the ad to display to a Facebook account connected to the landline number for Alan Mislove’s office, a number Mislove has never provided to Facebook. He saw the ad within hours.

They are even doing this with data you give them for security purposes.

They found that when a user gives Facebook a phone number for two-factor authentication or in order to receive alerts about new log-ins to a user’s account, that phone number became targetable by an advertiser within a couple of weeks.

The EFF highlighted this terrible use of security information for advertising targeting as well.

Low←Tech Magazine

What a cool project – making a very low-tech, carbon neutral website. “This is a solar-powered website, which means it sometimes goes offline.” The website shows its current battery level.

Our new web design addresses both these issues. Thanks to a low-tech web design, we managed to decrease the average page size of the blog by a factor of five compared to the old design – all while making the website visually more attractive (and mobile-friendly). Secondly, our new website runs 100% on solar power, not just in words, but in reality: it has its own energy storage and will go off-line during longer periods of cloudy weather.


GPG Suite

I’ve used GPG Suite at times to encrypt mail, and it’s been sad to me to see how much negativity they are getting over starting to charge a small amount.

Steve Blank The Apple Watch – Tipping Point Time for Healthcare

The potential to have your Apple Watch be like a “Doctor on your wrist” is pretty amazing.

Sooner than people think, virtually all home and outpatient diagnostics will be performed by consumer devices such as the Apple Watch, mobile phones, fitness trackers, etc. that have either become FDA cleared as medical devices or have apps that have received FDA clearance. Consumer devices will morph into medical grade devices, with some painful and well publicized mistakes along the way.

This helps reinforce why Apple has strategically positioned itself on the side of privacy. There is a huge market for this type of capability, but even someone that is happy to let Facebook and Google mine all their email, web searches and private photos, may be very resistant to giving their heart rate, blood pressure and weight to exploitive platforms.

Exclusive: WhatsApp Cofounder Brian Acton Gives The Inside Story On #DeleteFacebook And Why He Left $850 Million Behind

The inside scoop on WhatsApp founders break with Facebook.

His motto at WhatsApp had been “No ads, no games, no gimmicks”—a direct contrast with a parent company that derived 98% of its revenue from advertising. Another motto had been “Take the time to get it right,” a stark contrast to “Move fast and break things.”

Aren’t ads, games and gimmicks pretty much all Facebook is? All about the 💰.

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